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Kardex bar lug pocketsKardex Bar Lug Pockets.. an inelegant name perhaps, but still a product that makes life easier for countless professionals every day of the year.

Necessary information can be located readily because all records, items and item groups have identification data on obvious visible margins. Kardex Visible Reference Equipment, designed primarily as look up files, provides fast access to prepared lists and is easy to keep up-to-date. Entries are easily removed for correction, deletion, substitution or rearrangement when circumstances change.

Kardex records can be refiled quickly, and misfiles are virtually eliminated because all records on a given item are kept in one easy to see pocket. The Kardex record card is never removed for posting.

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Tops in efficiency & usability.
Kardex products stay on the job-
tirelessly- year after year!
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Kardex bar lug pockets

 Bar Lug Pockets, 5" x 3"
 5-3/8" H x 3-3/8" W*, Suntan Brown,
 Weight: 1-1/4 lbs. per 100 pockets.

 * Bar lug extends 1/4" from each
 side at top of product.

All Kardex products are discontinued as of January, 2010
with the EXCEPTION of W85 Bar Lug Pockets shown directly below.

Please ask about DataVisible suggested replacements.
Call 516-294-9444.


Kardex bar lug pockets

 Bar Lug Pockets, 6" x 4"
 6-3/8" H x 4-3/8" W*, Suntan Brown,
 Weight: 1-1/2 lbs. per 100 pockets.

 * Bar lug extends 1/4" from each
 side at top of product.


Kardex bar lug pockets

 Bar Lug Pockets, 8" x 5"
 8-3/8" H x 5-3/8" W*, Suntan Brown,
 Weight: 2 lbs. per 100 pockets.

 * Bar lug extends 1/4" from each
 side at top of product.

1 Box of 100 Bar Lug Pockets
- $ 195.00

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of boxes of bar lug pockets you'd like in the cart.


How to Shift Pockets

Bar lug pockets can be shifted more easily than in any other system, singly or in groups.


• To change a pocket, just lift the bar lug at the top center and pull straight up from the slide.

• To refile, reverse the process and fit the bar lug edges into the channel at each side of the slide body.

Kardex Bar Lug Pockets
Constructed of heavy brown kraft paper. Pockets feature a solid plastic bar lug at top and 1/4-inch visible margin on bottom edge protected by a non-glare, Transoloid™, clear vinyl tip. Packaged 100 pockets per box. Suntan Brown color.

Bar lug pocket benefits:

1. EASY SHIFTING OF POCKETS - Not locked or hooked to the other pocket. Merely lift out and replace in an opening between two other pockets.

2. STURDY CONSTRUCTION NON-GLARE TRANSOLOID TIP - Visible margin data is readable at any angle the slide or book is held, regardless of location of light source.

3. UNIFORM VISIBILITY - Solid bar lug design gives an accurate spread of visibility.

4. SYSTEMS FLEXIBILITY - Die cuts in pocket body for several card sizes.

Did you know that.. Kardex card cabinets and other visible record-keeping equipment are utilized widely by most of the Fortune 500?

By the US Military?
By medical institutions from coast-to-coast?

Consider Kardex "visible" book units for all your portable record-keeping needs. Ordering larger quantities? Always call us to discuss greater discounts for larger quantities. We will work with you. Ordering with a purchase order? Purchase orders may be accepted from established and rated companies. Merchandise custom made per order is not returnable; returning stock items may be subject to significant re-stocking charges. No merchandise will be accepted for return without prior authorization. Please inquire.

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How to order..

Ordering is easy. Choose a model from the pop-up menu, and click the Add to Cart button. You'll add your quantity on the shopping cart page. The rest will follow, and is easy and straightforward.

Friendly reps are standing by to answer questions, and will be happy to take your order on the phone if that's better for you. is the world's largest distributor of Kardex card cabinets and record-keeping systems. Buy with confidence.


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